Isnaj Dui (real name Katie English) is a classically trained flautist working within electroacoustic music. Katie uses concert and bass flutes alongside an effects and looping device as well as home made instruments including the electrodulcimer, a stringed instrument devised by Katie herself. This collection of instruments and gadgets used
to create lush, dense textures that weave in and out of eachother providing a recogniseable sound. Through studies in electroacoustic music, alternative tunings and Javanese Gamelan as well as her classical work, Katie
has fused together many styles to create a unique sound, infusing tranquil melodies with a dark edge. Keith Moline
of Wire writes of 2007s ’Patterns In Rocks’ '...English manages to take the [flute] into darker realms while maintaining a lovely, sleepy languor'.
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